Ben Muir          2019

Mental Health & Well-Being Centre

In the past few years mental health awareness in Britain has been growing greatly with the positive effects helping more people seek help than ever before, but it has adversely shown that the current centres are lacking in the size of specialist units required for care facilities.  The proposed building will primarily be a centre for mental well-being, a new wing will be built as a clinic for those needing aid who suffer with the likes of depression, PTSD, dementia, schizophrenia etc.  The building will also have a GP surgery for the new local community and Physio to be used for outpatient referral and for those in the centre. 


The buildings second wing on the opposite side of the existing building will be for elderly care, short stay and rest bite care for those with dementia and similar mental health problems.  The second wing is to be more secure and protect the occupants, whereas the mental well-being clinic should feel safe and open to the patients.


The existing building will form as the bridge between the two with the GP’s practice at the centre in the building with and extension at the back forming the physical link with the two new wings and housing the physio.


With the building being composed of three separate wings each with their own distinctive user functions, they have required different design approaches, but with the aim of a single theme that relates all parts of the building together.

Ben Muir        2019

Mental Health & Well-Being Centre