Liane Wood         2020

Social Housing

In their 2016 Deprivation Survey, Aberdeen City Council found a postcode within Seaton was in the 10-15% quartile of deprivation with the Health Domain and 0-5% quartile of deprivation of Education, Skills and Training. 


The site is based at the end of Regent Walk, where there are a number of existing tower blocks of flats and smaller apartment blocks. The proposal for this site is to create a better community spirit, but to also give people the opportunities they may require to create a new lease of life for themselves.


The proposal has 4 key elements; residential houses and apartments, a community and learning facility, an internal pedestrianised avenue and shared walled gardens. The central avenue will create a connection through the site, leading to urban nodes where people can meet and interact with each other but also create a space where a community can grow. At the corner of the site, a larger green space has been created to accompany the Community and Learning Facility. This will allow the both indoor and outdoor learning to take place on the site. This corner will also act as the central point of the site as it is where both parts of the site meet to create a community hub.With this located on the corner of the site along the tram route, it is hoped that it will also attract other people from across the local area to come to the site.

Liane Wood        2020

Social Housing