Sophia Rusinova         2020


This is proposal for redevelopment of an urban area and creation of Research Institute for Nanobiotechnology ( within the new masterplan for Aberdeen Beach, named The Living Edge. The institute explores the intersection of technology and biology and would be core centre for innovative knowledge and education outside of the constrains of conventional research facilities. Aim is to make knowledge desirable and fun and to give opportunities for advanced research, education and support. The project is meant to involve the Aberdeen community, institutions and focus to inspire individuals. Positioned central, on the ‘’living edge’’, where is the transition between nature and urban, the project will merge the two together and provide experience different from any other within the city. The design suggests landscape redevelopment encouraging outdoor activities and improvement of the local area. The project itself includes spaces to engage in events, exhibitions, communication, to work or create workshops, for seminars and presentations, area for researching, manufacturing etc. The semi-underground level gives privacy to all research facilities and connects with the landscape and the city. The ground level above is to involve the public and connect the world of research with the people in a beautiful architectural atmosphere, inspired by nature and the urban elevation of the surrounding context. It is also to be the connection of the living edge with the masterplan landscape and the sea. In this way the Research Institute will become more than its main purpose but and a transitional space. The design for the overall project is inspired by nanobiotechnology and it tries to reflect patterns in nature and technology. In a wider context, as future developments, is proposed the repetition of the roof structure along the periphery of the masterplan edge with versatile functions as a “eco-system”.


What is nanobiotechnology? Intersection of Technology and Biology


Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. Nanobiotechnology is discipline that studies biological phenomena on biomolecule level. The field of nanotechnology is very broad for one building to sufficiently operate it. That is why is to explore the connections of nanotech and biology and how they intersect in achieving change it the way we live, work and manufacture. Nanofabrication is new manufacturing, new approach of creating materials and systems. The technologies we have are advanced enough to explore synthetic biology with computational design to achieve material engineering and manufacturing. Nanotechnology can have application in almost everything. The potential this field holds is so vast that is hard to define or restrict. It gives the opportunity to scientist to think beyond current possibilities and look in a new way at many subjects.

Sophia Rusinova        2020