Violeta Vasileva         2020

Media Production Studios & Offices

The project focuses on the creativity of minds. It would be a place designed for pioneers, a place to inspire the senses and the imagination. It would provide different kinds of facilities that would include public spaces, media production spaces and offices.

The site has been chosen to open a view to the sea on one of the curves in the masterplan as a focal point. The facilities would be connected offering opportunities for interaction but at the same time  - privacy. They would have the potential to bring a lot of income and jobs as it has been acknowledged that there is the need for more film production studios in Scotland. The district would also house hospitality slots with cafes and restaurants, which would be private and public. The ground floor area is estimated to be 5 400 sqm with two following floors of 3450 sqm and 3925 sqm.

The design inspiration comes from the stage atmosphere before a show begins, hinting mystery from the outside. The facade resembles the pattern of a theatre curtain, which is about to unveil as in the movie production spaces where the magic is created. The east facade facing the sea is incorporating kinetic panels resembling a camera lens, opening and closing during the day to ensure optimised working environment.

In plan, I have divided the structure in pieces creating a triangular grid at first and then used fractions of it for different facilities. The ground floor would house a public space with a cafe, which would then flow into the lobby for the medium-sized film production spaces. Another part of the building would then be connected to the offices which would include spaces for actors such as dressing rooms and rehearsal spaces.

A place for the ones who dare to dream big with creativity and develop their careers to the fullest of their capabilities.

Violeta Vasileva        2020

Media Production Studios & Offices