Zayn Afzal         2020

Living Edge Gastronomy

Zayn Afzal          2020

Living Edge Gastronomy

The goal of the unit one masterplan is to redevelop the Aberdeen waterfront and create a new living edge that illustrates a very clear transition and boundary between the urban and natural landscape. The new edge pulls away the city to protect from future flooding but and to create the opportunity of the development of wildlife and inspirational landscaping. The new living edge attracts and almost pull in the centre of Aberdeen to the edge of the city, towards the sea, creating a journey for any visitor. The scene is set for the creation of new and exciting cultural developments, sport facilities, educational facilities and housing that responds to the needs of the modern society and new employment opportunities for the younger population.

Aberdeen’s temperamental climate can hinder the few fresh food markets that the city has to offer, many of which have been cancelled due to strong winds. With some of these markets only happening once a month, an opportunity for a sheltered fresh food market is created.

This new Living Edge Gastronomy destination is located near the culture hub within the masterplan design. Food culture by definition refers to the beliefs, attitudes and practices as well as the networks surrounding the production, distribution, and most importantly the consumption of food. This scheme aims to share the culture of food with those who engage in and around it by bringing together those who simply love food. Rather than seeing food as just a means of survival, this design will create a heightened sense of desire for all aspects of food with the use of a sheltered market, food hall and residential spaces.  The main idea of this space is to display the different tiers to food culture starting at the traditional market stall leading to a fine dining experience made casual.