Jordan Devenny          2020

Inflatable Emergency Shelter

Our planet is rich in diversity, however our basic needs for survival are constant throughout. In a situation where we are faced with the extremes, meeting these needs is crucial.  Therefore, the goal of this project was to propose a design for a structure that can be used for any extreme circumstance, whether this is emergency housing following a natural disaster, a deployable medical centre, or a research post in a harsh climate.

An ‘any and all’ design approach must strongly consider adaptability, ease of construction, recyclability, and ease of transport. For these reasons an inflatable structure was adopted that would allow it to be easily deployed on a site with only two people required for set up. The structure can then be kitted out for its appropriate function, and easily deflated and re-used at a different location.

The system allows the shelter to be flat packed into a 1200x2400 box that can easily be transported by truck or helicopter as required. The shelters envelope and form protect it from weather such as high winds and rain, and due to its flask-inspired design it can maintain a steady internal temperature, making it suitable for any climate. Once assembled, the shelter can then be fitted with the required equipment to make it suitable for any situation.

Jordan Devenny         2020

Inflatable Emergency Shelter