The City Reclaiming its Waterfront

The vision to reclaim Aberdeen’s Waterfront aims to recreate a thriving space along Aberdeen’s harbour edge. As a city that ‘turns its back on the water’ the project hopes to shift the emphasis of public space back towards the water. In order to maximise impact on the site, four new existing areas have been developed with the aim to introduce people to the water. These zones then spread outwards throughout the site - connecting it as a whole and linking it together.


Zone 1 to the west forms a strong connection with the existing city centre, it creates green space and an obvious link from this bustling area to the harbour. Zone 2 is located more centrally o the site and is a brand-new welcoming point and central hub. Zone 3 is located to the right of this and aims to integrate new functions, such as a marina with the existing industry base, additionally improving density. Zone 4 is located at the east of the site, around Fittie, and aims to retain and expand upon Fittie’s community and sense of spirit, while still coexisting with industry.

In order to connect these 4 zones, the harbour front - Trinity Quay, Regent Quay and Waterloo Quay - has been pedestrianised and widened. This will additionally allow for a new tram line to carry the public along the harbour front, and as the harbour has been widened there will also be room for pedestrian cyclists.