Francesca Orizio         2020

Aberdeen Harbour

Francesca Orizio          2020

Aberdeen Harbour

The project consists in the requalification of the part north of the port of Aberdeen. Currently it is a completely fenced and inaccessible for visitors. In fact, for this very reason, even if the city and the sea are physically very close to each other, there is no connection or contact. This also led me to locate the city centre and see how it is connected with the project area. The strategy pursued in my project is to stretch the road axes that lead from the centre to the sea, with the desire to always maintain a visual contact with the water.

These axes will then be crossed, allowing a good permeability of the area. The regulatory principle of the project, in addition to that of the extension of the road axes, is that of a regular mesh perpendicular to the edge of the water, which defines the pavement, the urban furniture and the buildings themselves.

The project consists of two buildings and a large open-air area, with squares, trees, terraces, a floating platform and a promenade along the sea on several levels. This allows to constitute a new centre of city life in which you can play various recreational activities, leisure and aggregation. As for buildings, the first consists of an indoor bathing area, always maintaining direct contact with the sea, while the second consists of bars and a rental of equipment for sports, both in water and on land.

The fulcrum of the project is the central covered plaza that allows it is located exactly at the end of Marishal Street, so a direct connection with the city centre, the access to the buildings, to the promenade and the floating platform and therefore very important scenario of daily life for the whole project.

The central plaza connects to an open-air porch that covers the promenade along the sea and allows you to take advantage of those spaces with any weather conditions, during the whole year.

The porch is also an architectural choice that gives a great visual strength to the design complex that in this way is very visible and recognisable. To emphasise this aspect, the pillars protrude from the promenade, going into the water.From here you can easily access the whole open area that is generated by the grid and is articulated on several levels. These levels define tree-lines squares, pillars squares or squares with seats. All these elements fall off of the grid intersections, in a regular way, going to define the space.